Log Weavers


"I first met Bill in 1978 when he began working for my brother Sandy and myself at Jamieson Log homes. Twenty-eight years later when my wife Ann and I decided to build an addition on our log house we were quite certain who would end up building it. As an ex-log builder myself I was very particular about how this addition would be constructed. We also had to worry about weather, as our house would be opened up and vulnerable to rain and snow when we began building. We wanted a contractor whom we could trust 100%, who could help with the design and who could turn the ideas into reality. Our addition is beautiful and turned out even better than we had hoped for. Quite honestly I don't think we would have even considered this project with any other builder other than Log Weavers."

Bruce and Ann Jamieson

"We live on a Cook Inlet beach front property on the Knik Arm. From our doorstep we have ocean views, mountain views, and glacier views, no matter which way you turn you are looking at a post card scene of Alaska. When we were trying to decide what to build here, we knew we had to build something that would be special, unique and complement our grand natural setting. We had seen a Log Weaver home in the Anchorage area that we thought would work on our property. We contacted Bill and found him very helpful and easy to work with and soon after we made arrangements for Log Weavers to build our house. The house is a perfect fit for this property. The views here are world class and so is the house. Thanks Bill."

Jason and Lori Hahn

"Swiss have a reputation for excellence and old world craftsmanship. In Switzerland some of the homes are constructed of stone and timbers. We like that style and in Alaska we found it built with logs. Another thing we love is how a craftsman can take these raw materials and turn them in to a thing of beauty, not just a house but a statement about both the owner and the builder. We had Log Weavers build us a home and enjoyed the experience so much that I am now part of the Log Weaver crew."

Martin and Manuella Hitz

"The craftsmanship is superb, my house is like living in a hand knit sweater."

Sara McConnel

"My carpenters were amazed at how well the log shell and the prebuilt frame gables went together."

Travis and Vanessa Powell

"We had a building that required structural log trusses to be built and installed after the roof was on, definitely not the ideal way to build trusses. The trusses fit perfectly, Bill did a beautiful job."

Heartwood Builders

"A five star plus energy rating, that puts money in my pocket."

Carl and Sandy Bakken

"You won't find a better builder."

Ron Tucker

"We helped Bill build our house. We had a great time on Bill's crew and we just love our house."

Dave and Rise Gerrish

"We were on a tight building schedule, everything Log Weavers did was done right and was done on time."

Dan and Dorenda Swinney

"The roofs are absolutely perfect. It's a breeze to put a roof on a Log Weaver home."

Kent Pyne - The Carpenter Shop

"We have a beautiful view of Fairbanks and the Alaska Range which we can view through large windows in our house. We were concerned about the energy efficiency of the building. We have been delighted with the way our house performs."

Tom and Kate Lamal

"We were amazed at how tightly the logs were fit together. Bill really cares about his work."

Alan and Cezanne Cady

"We chose our builder while living out of state. We met with Bill and he showed us some homes he had built, we loved the homes, but we also were impressed with the rapport Bill had with the owners. We are now proud owners of a Log Weaver home."

Greg and Donna Swope

"I am a very careful consumer - especially when it comes to our house. I did lots of research and shopping before we picked Log Weavers to build our house. The more we looked the clearer it became - Log Weavers is the best deal in town."

Charlie Whitaker

"I wanted a quality built large log home. Logweaver's craftsmanship and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful and energy efficient log home. I average about 60 gallons of oil per month during the year, with most of that going to hot water. Add a few cords of wood to the stove and that is all it takes to keep our 4200 sq feet warm during the winter."

Bill Mitchell

8 Stars