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Log Weavers is a small Fairbanks company that has been building full scribe natural log homes in Alaska
for twenty years. We have never advertised, all of our business has
come by word of mouth: Old customers telling new clients what a great job
Log Weavers has done. This web site was established at the urging of
some of our customers.
Log Weavers builds scribe fit
Swedish cope log houses. We
have been using the overscribe
method for 12 years. The overscribe
technique consists primarily of two
parts, the overscribing of the lateral
and saddle notching of the corners.
The laterals have a slight gap during
construction, which goes away as the logs,
dry and compress. The saddles bear almost one
hundred percent of the weight of the building at first, and
after the logs shrink the load is distributed to about 50% saddle to 50% lateral. This helps prevent logs from twisting and helps maintain a tight fit for the life of the building. All of our homes that have been tested under the Alaska energy program have received a 5 star rating, which is the highest rating possible without using an air exchange system.
We have built over 150 log structures ranging from small log gazebos to 8000 square foot lodges. Designs range from simple four corner structures to 12 corner buildings with complex roof layouts. We build the traditional Alaska log house with horizontal log gables and ridgepoles, as well as steeper pitched log trusses/posts with ridgepoles.
Log Weavers builds custom homes, we rarely build the same home twice. Our strength is in taking your ideas and requirements and turning them into a unique log home-the right home for you. We work with local architects and engineers to achieve this result.
Log Weavers will build on site or at our yard. When we prebuild we include trucking, use of crane, and reassembly of the shell, in our bid.
Log Weavers is a proud member of the International American Log Builders Association and the Interior Builders Association. We are frequently talking tech with other log builders around the country.
Log Weavers is a respected well-known name in the Alaskan Log home industry. We have a reputation for doing the job right and doing the job on time. Many of our customers have also become our friends. We prefer to let them tell you about the kind of company we are and the kind of work we do. Check them out in the Testimonials.
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